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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Have the body of your dreams. We want to enhance your natural beauty and restore your confidence.


Focus the world. Our mission for your eyes is to give you the ability to see clearly and accurately, so that every detail of your life remains sharp and vibrant.

cirugía láser de ojos


Hear, breathe and live fully. We offer the best solutions for your hearing, balance and respiratory health.


Recover the feeling of hearing the world clearly. Our specialists can improve the quality of your hearing and reconnect you with the world around you.

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rehabilitación oral

Dentistry, Orthodontics and

Oral Rehabilitation

Your dental care, our priority. We advise you in the process of having your teeth aligned, shiny and healthy.

General Surgery

It's not about your weight, it's about your health and vitality. With our bariatric surgery, we aim to completely transform your wellbeing.

cirugía bariátrica
lesiones ortopédicas

Traumatology and Orthopaedics

Recover your mobility, strengthen your structure and live without limits. With experience and advanced technology, we work to heal your musculoskeletal injuries and keep your bones and joints in optimal condition.


A leader in genetics and prevention. Knowing your DNA is power: understanding your hereditary roots, with a preventive approach to disease, including cancer. Your health, our priority.

exámenes genéticos
estética facial

Aesthetic and laser medicine

Enhance your inner beauty. Non-invasive medicine is your best ally for immediate and natural change, we put all the technological advances and medical experience at your fingertips.


Boost your confidence with our elite dermatology services. Backed by the best doctors, we use cutting-edge technology to rejuvenate your skin, defy age and improve your health and vitality.

rejuvenecimiento facial
exámenes de fertilidad


Start your journey to motherhood with peace of mind. Our fertility-focused gynaecology service is designed to help you every step of the way.

Our allied medical centers

Our partners hold numerous national and international certifications and accreditations
to provide you with a convenient and high quality experience.

clínica valle del lili


Valle del Lili

centro quirúrgico de la belleza

Centro Quirúrgico de la Belleza

centro medico imbanaco

Centro Médico Imbanaco

We have alliances with the best medical centers in the country.
Consult our complete portfolio of medical facilities with our team.

turismo médico en cali colombia

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